Sore aching muscles

Body Rescue

Remedial Massage


Remedial massage is the assessment and treatment of dysfunction and/or injury assisting in pain management and rehabilitation. This therapeutic massage is tailored to the specific needs of each individual using remedial techniques that may include deep tissue and trigger point therapy to help correct soft tissue dysfunction, aid injury recovery and diminish aches and pains.

30 minutes | $60     60 minutes | $90     90 minutes | $130

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Going beyond your limits

The Edge

Sports Massage


Are you pushing your body to the limits? Do you compete at an elite level in sport, have an event on the horizon or are you just exercising and training harder? Sports massage can help prepare the body and encourage faster recovery giving you the edge. A combination of remedial and Swedish massage techniques are tailored to the individuals’ body and sport.


30 minutes | $60      60 minutes | $90

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Feeling stressed out

Stress Terminator

Do you feel as though you are going to explode, head throbbing, neck and back screaming in pain? Legs and arms like lead? Terminate the stress.

This full body massage combines the healing benefits of both deep tissue and Swedish massage therapies that are uniquely blended to combat tension, suppress stress, annihilate fatigue, exterminate aches and pains and any defeat other menacing niggles. “You’ll be back…”

60 minutes | $90     90 minutes | $130

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Recharge & rejuvenate

Relaxation Revival

You deserve the guilt free opportunity to take an hour, or even longer from the daily grind to recharge and rejuvenate your body and mind. Give some time back to yourself to experience a full body, relaxing massage and leave feeling more energetic, refreshed and revitalised.

60 minutes | $90     90 minutes | $130

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Pamper yourself

Healing Hot Stone Massage

An hour and a half of healing bliss. This ancient therapy uses specially chosen stones from the streams of the Snowy Mountains and ocean polished stones from our beautiful coast. The heated stones are used to massage, penetrating sore muscles relieving pain, diminishing stress and restoring balance. The ultimate way to regenerate.

90 glorious minutes | $150

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For mums to be

Pregnancy Massage

For all mothers-to-be. This specialised massage is designed specifically for expectant mums who need a safe and soothing way to relax and get relief for all those aches and pains that can come with pregnancy. It is gentle yet very medicinal and restorative treatment and uses pillow and bolsters to allow for comfort for both mum and belly. The perfect gift to give yourself.

60 minutes | $90

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Get ready for your next event

Sports Event Massage

Go the extra mile at your next sporting event by having therapists form Synergy Massage there to aid in the performance of the participants.

Synergy Massage therapists excel at sports and remedial massage, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to your sporting event. 

Massage is ideal in the pre-event stage as it helps warm and stretch muscles and soft tissue in preparation for strenuous activity and aids in injury prevention. Post-event, massage encourages recovery by stimulating blood flow, reducing lactic acid and decreasing tension in the muscles. 

Synergy Massage is involved with a varied cross section of sporting events for example, Dragon Boating regatta (Flowing Festival), Hartley Challenge Road Bike Ride and CORC events (Canberra Off Road Cyclists) to name just a few.

So make your next sporting event a memorable one and add Synergy Massage to the line-up.

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Treat your staff for their hard work

Corporate Massage

Corporate massage is the ultimate way to relax, reward and revive your team! Staff, are your greatest asset, strengthen and galvanize their worth.

Australians are spending more time at work than ever. There are deadlines to meet, projects to finalise and meetings to rush to. Working in this hectic and busy environment means taking a break is impossible, right? Not so, 10 minutes is all it takes to benefit from a seated office massage.

Our professionally qualified and fully insured therapists bring a specially designed and very comfortable massage chair to the office giving your employees, customers or guests a fully clothed neck, shoulder and back massage.

Invite Synergy Massage to your workplace to de-stress and re-energise your staff. Massage has been proven to improve employee productivity, increase energy and motivation, reduced stress and relieve back and neck pain. Ensure your work environment is filled with happy, healthy and engaged people.

Please contact us for a corporate massage quote.

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