Trisha Bush

As a working mother, life gets very busy. I suffer from tension pain through my upper back and neck which leads to headaches and even restricts movement. I am also prone to getting pain through my lower back as well. Getting regular massages with Lisa at Synergy Massage is the remedy to my aches and pains. When I leave I am able to move freely and with less or even no pain. Sometimes I just need an hour to myself to relax and de-stress in the peace and quiet of the cosy treatment room. Whatever type of massage it is that I need Lisa delivers in the most professional, caring and effective way and I get results.

Tracy Clifton

This was the second hot stone massage I had ever had – I was able to still feel the effects the next day. The rocks seemed to be chosen just for me and they really kept the heat well. The heat on my back lasted the whole massage and the whole experience was smooth and flowing. I felt really relaxed and floated out of the room! My muscles were definitely more relaxed -Lisa was also very aware of my lower back issues and was able to adjust the massage accordingly. I made sure I booked in for a recovery massage too! I have recommended her to others since. Lisa definitely has ‘healing hands’. Thankyou!!

Russell Henshaw
Russell Henshaw

Being an athlete I’ve had my fair share of injuries and I have worked hard to get back into my sport as fast as possible, but to be honest, without the help of Lisa at Synergy Massage, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Lisa is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever been too. She will get you back, doing what you need to do in no time.

Russell HenshawWinter Olympian

Scott Kneller
Scott Kneller

Massage is such a fundamental part of my recovery both on and off snow. It helps me keep on top of niggling injuries and is crucial for injury prevention. Massage is an essential component of my training and allows me to maximise my performance on a daily basis. The team at Synergy Massage provide a world-class product and has made all the difference in my Olympic preparation.

Alison McClean
Alison McLean

When I was pregnant with my third baby I greatly benefited from massages at Synergy Massage. Throughout the pregnancy, massage helped me physically by easing sore muscles and providing relief to discomfort in my lower back. Emotionally the sessions helped me to relax, have some “time out” and prepare mentally for labour and the inevitable busy days ahead. It was reassuring to know that my therapist Lisa, was qualified and knowledgeable about pregnancy massage, and used only safe techniques and products. Lisa addressed any specific concerns I had and the whole experience was relaxed and very comfortable. Since having my baby, massage has assisted to release tension (particularly in my shoulders), which has helped my posture when breast feeding.  I have had beautiful and relaxing experiences at Synergy Massage and I would highly recommend a massage at Synergy for any mum-to-be or new mum.